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Game Over: 10 Game-Changing Digital Promotion Tips

What if you could spell “game over” for your competition?

In the world of business, it all comes down to a good marketing strategy. And as everything shifts toward the digital realm, good marketing means good digital promotion.

Not sure how to take your marketing game digital? Hold onto your quarters: we’re about to introduce you to the next level of digital marketing, and this game’s on us!

1. Website: Ready, Player One?

Let’s start with some good news. Mastering digital marketing and promotion is mostly taking the small stuff and getting it “just right.”

Take your website for example. For many customers, this will be their absolutely first point of contact for you and your business.

And most of those customers will be using their smartphone to surf on over. Make sure that your design is mobile-friendly and uncluttered. Remember: clean and simple makes things easy to navigate.

Of course, don’t forget the basics such as your phone number, address, and so on. Making this information easy to access helps bring the customers right to your door!

2. Let’s Get Visual

You may be keeping your website and other marketing simple (more on this in a minute). However, it’s important to tie everything to a consistent visual theme.

This is why it’s so important to have things vivid logos and eye-catching photos. You may even consider creating an iconic mascot for your business.

Doing this helps to create a kind of visual language for your business. These logos and colours help your website stand out and create symbols you can use for things like social media branding.

Ultimately, these visual symbols help you say more this less. And this makes keeping it simple easier than ever.

3. Keep It Simple

When it comes to digital promotion, simple is always best. If you have something like an online coupon, it doesn’t need to be visually cluttered. It really just needs your logo, your contact info, and the details of the coupon.

Similarly, your website doesn’t have to be bogged down with features. Making contact and address info very prominent gives the customers what they want right away.

Everything else on the site is just added features. And while features are great, make sure they aren’t obscuring the important stuff.

4. Find the ROI

There is good news and bad news with digital promotion. The good news is that you have more channels than ever to market your company. The bad news is that some of them may not be worth your time or money.

It’s important to use analytics and determine the true ROI of each channel and technique. The answer usually comes down to who your demographic is and which channels they use the most.

5. Local Marketing: The Real Goldmine

There is a major focus now on global marketing. And depending on your exact products or services, it may be wise to try to reach as many people as you possibly can.

Nonetheless, local customers are the bread and butter of most small businesses. This is why your marketing techniques must not overlook the power of local marketing.

Make sure you have filled out all of your information for Google My Business. This helps to provide interested customers with information like your phone number, your address, and even directions–all before they click on your website!

6. All About the Journey

We can no longer think of attracting customers as a simple process. Instead, each customer is on some stage of the sales funnel. You must find ways to maximize interest and engagement at each stage.

This is where analytics comes in once again. With enough observation, you can figure out how many times customers visit and what all they click on before they make a purchase.

You can also discover which pages have a high bounce rate. These need to be redesigned to better direct customers along the sales funnel.

The exact journey is different for each segment of every customer demographic. But once you map out that journey, you can help each customer get to the intended destination.

7. Analytics: Try, Die, and Respawn

We’ve talked a lot about analytics. It’s important to remember a big fact about analytics: failure is your greatest teacher.

It’s easy to look at a failed digital campaign or promotion and think of it as nothing more than a failure. But data-wise, this helps you to figure out what doesn’t work so that the next marketing effort is more successful.

Try to collect and analyze data once every month or two. And don’t be afraid to course-correct as need be!

8. Demographics and Data

A key element of your success is marketing to the right demographic. This, too, requires much in the way of data-driven fine-tuning.

Social media sites like Facebook are very useful for helping you both target specific groups and analyze the behaviour of those groups on your page.

In time, you’ll want to split these demographics into segments and create specific buyer personas for your marketing team. This will help you to create the most effective marketing for your demographic.

9. Don’t Forget Content Marketing

One thing that many demographics share is a distrust of traditional advertising. This is where content marketing comes in.

Make sure your site, social media, and other channels have content that is helpful and relevant to customers. This can include guides on how to save money, how to use products, and so on.

This technique builds the kind of loyalty that leads to increased sales.

10. Social Media

We’ve mentioned it a few times, but let’s be clear: your brand absolutely needs a social media presence.

Social media typically offers a very solid ROI. After all, you can set up pages for little to nothing, and creating posts and content takes nothing but time.

Furthermore, social media is designed for sharing. A business page on Facebook helps you create an online community of loyal customers willing to share your posts and build your brand.

Social media also offers an easy way for customers to message you instead of calling. This is a major draw for demographics like millennials.

Digital Promotion: You’ve Leveled Up

Now you know the secrets to digital promotion, including making everything visual. But do you know who can provide top-notch photography?

We specialize in the kinds of photos that leap from the page and screen. To see how we can help your marketing level up, book us today!