10 ways to save on a wedding photographer


10 ways to save on a wedding photographer

There is no doubt that weddings are big celebrations. It is the union of two people, celebrated by not just their respective families but also their closes friends. Indian weddings are known to be massive, and with massive celebrations come massive expenses. These weddings are infamous for costing more than your monthly mortgage, which might make you think of cutting back on different aspects of the wedding, including the wedding photographer. Fret not, here are 10 ways on how you can save on a wedding photographer.

Ask friends and family
By this time, you will have attended a couple of weddings already, either from friends or family. You can start researching on the right wedding photographer price by asking them for the rate they got from their photographers. Usually they will have referral discounts, so you can also ask if you can avail of these types of discounts.

Compare different quotes
Aside from asking friends and family, researching online for photographer rates is also a good way to see which photographer suits your needs. Enquiring for their rates won’t cost you a dime, but you will get to see which of them offers the best value for your money.
Off-peak discounts

Most people get married on the weekends, so if you’re considering getting married on a weekday, then it might be possible to ask for an off-peak discount. This seems to apply well to Indian weddings since they last for about three days, so it might be possible to lower Indian wedding photographer prices by asking for discounts on those days that do not fall on the weekend.
Get the cheaper package

Most wedding photographers offer different kind of packages, and sometimes the difference of one package with the other is just a framed photo of you and your partner. If you’re trying to save for the wedding overall, surely you won’t mind not having some of the extras from the more expensive packages and settle with the cheaper option with the same amount of photos.

Look for professional but less established photographers
Expensive does not automatically mean the best quality, and this goes the same with photographers. There are a lot of emerging photographers out there that can bring great quality photographs at a fraction of the cost of the most expensive ones, and the only difference is the experience. If their style fits your standards, then you have nothing to lose.

Get custom packages
Wedding photographers always have packages that already save you money, where they put together different features together. If these are still a little steep, you can ask for custom packages where they can put together with fewer features. Sorted Media offers packages where you can get photographers by the hour, or even a half-day photographer, so you don’t have to get them the whole day. This is perfect again for those looking for cheap Indian wedding photographer prices since they can send a photographer based on the schedule that you set.

Avoid non-locals
There are renowned wedding photographers that are well-known in the industry that clients fly them to their destination weddings. Getting a local photographer will surely cut that cost by more than a half, without compromising the quality of their work.

Order smaller, fewer finished photos
You don’t need to print out half of the shots the wedding photographer captured on your special day. Pick out the few ones that you love, and store the rest on the cloud or in a hard drive and watch them on the telly on your anniversary.

Skip the leather-bound album
As much as it screams “premium,” you don’t have to get the leather album where it will only gather dust. Securing the photos in a normal album is fine, plus you won’t spend a fortune.

Get the same provider for photographer and videographer
If you choose to get both a photographer and videographer, more often than not a photography studio will offer both services, so it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a promo if you get both from them. Sorted Media has Indian wedding photographer prices that include both photography and videography packages that will surely fit your needs. Contact us to get a quote now and we’ll help you get sorted.