5 reasons why food photography is important


5 reasons why food photography is important

It is amazing how people always disregard the necessity of photos to running a successful business. Even here in Sydney where pubs, cafes, and restaurants are scattered in every corner, most menus have minimal photos and just descriptions of their food. What these business owners don’t understand is that people are visual creatures, and more than 80% of customers buy a meal if it looks beautiful on the picture. In today’s world of growing dependence to the Internet, investing in the right food photographer in Sydney is one of the best investment you can for your shop. Here are five reasons why food photography is important.

When Words Fail, Photos Can Save You
Most menus write down a fancy name and a brief description of a dish. By putting up photos of the food on the menu or around your shop, your customers can get familiar with other items and not just the “chicken parm.” Having photos of your dishes makes them appetizing, despite having a bizarre name.
Their Experience Will Be Your Gain
Any professional food photographer in Sydney knows how to setup their shots. They know how to create the right ambiance with lighting and camera angles. They also know that there are some dishes that can only be photographed immediately after preparing it, sometimes having only seconds to get the optimal shot. If not, they also know how to cheat their way to make food appetizing, something they acquired from years of experience in food photography.

Brand Building
Building a brand is not an easy task but it is not impossible. For up and coming shops and cafes, you need the consistent of high quality photos in all your printed and online materials to create a credible and appetizing food brand. The photos will serve as your fingerprint and will be used as materials for all your marketing needs.

Word-of-Mouth and Online Marketing
Uploading and printing out your professional-grade photos made by a food photographer in Sydney is just the first step. These in turn will attract customers, which will then be shared to their friends, and to their friends, and so on. Not to mention organic online growth your website and social media pages will be getting, which will also further your business.

Long Term Benefits
Suffice to say, the benefits of getting a great food photographer in Sydney far exceeds the cost. The photos will always be better than what you would have gotten if you used your iPhone, and these can be used for online, for print, and for in-shop displays. Besides, doing a photo shoot
for your food is an investment that can serve you for years, especially if you have a staple menu set that rarely changes.
Food photography in Syndey can be a bit inconvenient to arrange, and this Sorted Media can help you. We have different packages that caters to all your food photography needs. Contact us now to find out how we can help you.