Affordable Wedding Photography: Should I DIY?

Affordable Wedding Photography: Should I DIY?

It’s no secret that professional wedding photography can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So for some, DIY photography might be worth the trouble.

But before you settle on it, you should know what you’re getting yourself and your guests into.

Photo quality
With camera technology constantly advancing, even mid-range cameras and smartphones can get you amazing shots. With some editing, you can improve the quality even further.

However, amateur photographers with professional equipment aren’t a great substitute for a professional. And even if aunt Janice is the best food photographer in Sydney, that doesn’t guarantee she can take good wedding photos.

Especially in dim lighting conditions and with a little alcohol, shots can end up blurry, too dark, poorly angled, or out of focus. While a few duds are a given, only having photos taken by guests ensures more.

Having guests participate in wedding photography is a great way to get some fantastic candid shots for your album that you might not otherwise. In fact, we encourage getting some disposable cameras for your guests for this very reason.

But again, the photos will be of lower overall quality. And since photography takes time, your guests might not be willing to get turned from guests into participants.

While generally being more affordable in the literal sense, DIY wedding photography will cost you more time and energy. Good photos take planning, set-up, props and even sets, and editing.

As anyone who planned a wedding will tell you, every minute of prep is vital. And as everyone who had a wedding will say, every moment of the event is precious.

Besides, not every professional photographer will break the bank or blow the budget. For affordable wedding photography in Sydney, contact us for a consultation today!