Best Options for Real Estate Photography and Videography

Best Options for Real Estate Photography and Videography

79% of buyers shop for homes online. So to grab their attention and stay ahead of the competition, you need to make your listing stand out. 


Here’s how. 


High-quality photos 

 Professional real estate photography is essential. High-quality photos create an accurate but stunning view of the home. They draw the attention of shoppers and search engines, resulting in more clicks, more views, and more potential buyers. 


Virtual tour

As they are essentially a real-life tour but onscreen, virtual tours are a great way to make the online shopping experience more interactive. This interactivity can save you time on showings, as visitors who were only interested in a look-see can get an accurate feel of the home online. 

This way, you’ll filter out low intent buyers, leaving behind high intent ones. 


Additionally, you’ll make touring less burdensome for non-locals, potentially attracting out-of-town or overseas buyers you wouldn’t have otherwise. 


Drone footage

Using drones for real estate videography and photography is a fantastic way to show off the property and its surroundings. The fact of the matter is, more and more buyers are interested in seeing the locale their home is nestled in, and aerial footage is the perfect way to show them just that.


And not only that, drone footage lets you shoot from dozens of unique angles, making for more attention-grabbing and engaging photos and videos. 


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