Best Place to Find An Event Photographer

Find An Event Photographer

Best Place to Find An Event Photographer

Seminars, conferences, trade shows, workshops, parties and galas. All these events have this one thing in common: you need to hire a photographer or videographer to record the new memories being made.

We know that organizing events can be stressful, but finding someone to capture the highlights of your event doesn’t have to be one of those things. There are so many popular and different platforms where you can hire photographers.

From freelancers to professional agencies, you can find all sorts of price packages, quality or creative levels. We will list a few options that are available in Sydney to help to find the best way to book an event photographer:

Airtasker or Gumtree: a tone of freelancer photographers advertise on these platforms trying to find clients. Their prices are usually below the market range and there are so many there that even if two or three are not available, then maybe the fourth one will be. Unfortunately there are some risks when booking a freelancer. The quality is unknown – if a friend has not recommended this event photographer, or if you cannot see their reviews, what is the guarantee that their portfolio is real? What if they are unreliable? They could cancel at the last minute if a bigger or more attractive opportunity is offered to them by another business.

Advertising/Media Agencies: Their reputation is big in the market, and they have an amazing portfolio. Big and medium size agencies can cover big events with professional photographers who will have all the equipment and an eye for what you want to promote during your event. The downside of it is that their prices are going to be much higher compared to freelancers – advertising agencies have the best of the best, but sometimes your event is not that complex. Also, their turnover time to deliver edited pictures is way longer than with a smaller group, as they have a lot of clients with bigger projects waiting.

Sorted Media: With Sorted you have 100% guarantee that your photos will look great. We have experience with event photography in Sydney. On our website you can book an event photographer or videographer in less than 2 minutes, and it doesn’t matter if it is a last minute booking – we have a big team of professional photographers who will be happy to shoot at any time. Sorted offers fair prices, professionals with experience, who will show up and do their work. One of our most popular packages, which is the 3 hour standard photo shoot, costs only $339 and you will receive 150-180 edited photos. The edited pictures will be delivered within 48-72 hours, and you will have unlimited access to these photos throughout our file management system.

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