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There is no doubt that weddings are big celebrations. It is the union of two people, celebrated by not just their respective families but also their closes friends. Indian weddings are known to be massive, and with massive celebrations come massive expenses. These weddings are infamous for costing more than your monthly mortgage, which might make you think of cutting back on different aspects of the wedding, including the wedding photographer. Fret not, here are 10 ways on how you can save on a wedding photographer. Ask [...]

Event Without Photos? Like It Never Happened

Events are always momentous occasions for both the hosts and the guests. Whether it’s a corporate event, a workshop, or a family occasion, events are milestones that should not be forgotten so quickly. This is where photos come in. Usually taken for granted, photos are the best way to relive events. As the saying goes, an event without photos is like it never happened. Good news though: getting an event photographer in Sydney is not that hard. A quick Google search can result to hundreds of people [...]


It is amazing how people always disregard the necessity of photos to running a successful business. Even here in Sydney where pubs, cafes, and restaurants are scattered in every corner, most menus have minimal photos and just descriptions of their food. What these business owners don’t understand is that people are visual creatures, and more than 80% of customers buy a meal if it looks beautiful on the picture. In today’s world of growing dependence to the Internet, investing in the right food photographer in Sydney is [...]

Best Place to Find An Event Photographer

Seminars, conferences, trade shows, workshops, parties and galas. All these events have this one thing in common: you need to hire a photographer or videographer to record the new memories being made. We know that organizing events can be stressful, but finding someone to capture the highlights of your event doesn’t have to be one of those things. There are so many popular and different platforms where you can hire photographers. From freelancers to professional agencies, you can find all sorts of price packages, quality or creative [...]

How Much Does Professional Food Photography Cost?

Launching a new menu? Need to promote your business? We know that a lot of expenses can come from it, and hiring a professional photographer or videographer doesn’t need to be a heavy cost on your budget. If your business needs more photos and videos to attract customers on social media and other platforms, then Sorted can help you. Booking professional food photographers in Sydney can be expensive, but you can save time and money by doing it with us. Sorted offers packages that will suit your [...]

How much does it cost to hire a photographer for a day?

Hiring a professional photographer for a full day photo shoot sounds expensive, right, something that only sophisticated companies or wealthy celebrities can afford. Not true, thanks to SORTED Media.   SORTED Media makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the privilege of a specialist event photographer or party photographer in Sydney and Cronulla at competitive rates that won’t break the bank.   So, how much does it cost to book a SORTED Media photographer for corporate or social functions set to last the day? And what can [...]

Hire a Photographer or Buy a Camera?

If you’re anything like me, photography is not your strong suit. And while it’s simple enough to take a decent selfie thanks to the high-resolution cameras on our smartphones and advanced filter technology, event photography is a whole other matter. If you’re thinking of playing photographer or videographer for your party in Sydney or Cronulla, there are multiple factors to consider. Lighting for starters. Depending on the setting and time of day, you may need to use natural or artificial lighting or a combination of both. Getting [...]

The Perfect Instagram Photo: 7 Benefits Of Hiring An Event Photographer For Your Business

Event photography is a special art all its own, and it can do wonders for you when it comes to promoting your business. When you hire an event photographer, you can expect an artistic capture of your event and you will be able to use the photos for promotional purposes for years to come. Everyone likes to see people having a good time, and through photography, you can tell a story about your staff, your business, your values and your company's personality that simply cannot be told [...]

How Much Does an Event Photographer Cost in Sydney?

How Much Does an Event Photographer Cost in Sydney? So, your boss has tasked you with arranging an event photographer for your company’s media launch in Sydney. And, sure, that’s all good for a born organiser like you. But how can you tell if you’re getting top value for your dollar? And how much does event photography cost per hour in Sydney and Cronulla anyway? We’re glad you asked because here at SORTED Media, we aim to make your investment in a professional party photographer for your function, launch party, corporate gig, or conference worth every cent. Plus, [...]

Need a photographer for your event ? Booking for your event – quick and easy.

Need a photographer for your event? Booking for your event - quick and easy. The date is fast approaching, and your corporate party promises to be the hottest event of the season. You’ve booked the trendiest venue and hired the most cream of caterers. So, what’s missing? A professional event photographer, of course. We all love to look back at images or footage from a rocking function. And a party photographer or videographer is essential to capturing fun and festive memories for party goers. After all, what [...]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bites: The Top Benefits of Hiring a Professional Food Photographer

Who hasn't looked at drool worth food photography on social media? With over 60 million photos uploaded a day, we all have. Did you know there are over 3.5 billion searches daily online? These searches include over 60% of consumers who will search online first before making a purchase, or visiting a restaurant. Over the years, food photography has evolved. The art of food photography has expanded due to the rise of social media, as well as the requests for a food photographer. There are over 10 [...]


Food photography is considered a form of art and we know why. We know how much hard work you put into creating your menu items and how much you want to show it o to your potential clients. We want you to concentrate on creating your special items and leave the photography and videography to us. Save time and money on organising professional food photography and videography when booking with us. If you looking for a professional food photographer in Sydney, look no further. We have professional [...]


Sorted is a revolutionary service that provides clients with fast and transparent photography and videography booking and includes instant confirmation. It is so easy to manage your photo or video request. In fact, it was never easier. Sorted is Sydney based and Australian owned. We have all the expertise required to satisfy your requests. We have a whole team of professional photographers working every day and adding to the knowledge to satisfy more and more customers. Sorted is a fast booking photography service that specialises in many [...]


Here at Sorted we are very proud to be able to provide our Sydney clients with high-quality photography and videography services. There’s no budget too big or too small for us. If you’re looking for event photographers in Sydney, we are here to help. The main idea of our company is to make sure that we can help as many industries and clients as we can. We provide the highest possible photography and vide ography services, and our booking process is very transparent and easy to understand, [...]


Sorted is a unique website that allows you to instantly book a photographer or a videographer for your shoot or an event in Sydney. Here at Sorted we provide a reliable platform for safe payments and also a full privacy of our clients. You have a unique opportunity to book your photographer or a videographer in a matter of minutes and receive an immediate confirmation for your booking. The whole process is very transparent. It is very easy to choose a package that will suit your needs [...]