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Food photography is considered a form of art and we know why. We know how much hard work you put into creating your menu items and how much you want to show it o to your potential clients. We want you to concentrate on creating your special items and leave the photography and videography to us. Save time and money on organising professional food photography and videography when booking with us. If you looking for a professional food photographer in Sydney, look no further. We have professional food photographers and videographers available for booking anytime even if it’s a last-minute shoot. We know everything about professional food photography and we have all the equipment, lenses, lighting and backdrops to make sure that your food literally shines. We also can create an amazing video that will show o your menu items, the process of creating your recipes and top it up with a quick interview or a back story about your brand or your expertise in creating certain types of food. We also have an excess to a fully equipped studio if you want to book us for a full-on professional food photo shoot in a studio environment. We can also come to you wherever you are in Sydney or New South Wales. We know how to make amazing food photos and videos. We spent years shooting and eating food. We know everything about setting up the right lighting, choosing the right backdrops and making sure that your food looks apart and fresh on photos or in videos. Please check out our website and see some previous work that we have done and decide if we are a good t for you or your project. There’s no job big or small for us. We can cater for any kind of business or an individual that is interested in food photography or videography. We are very keen to be a part of your next project. Our team is young minded, talented and professional and we are very easy to work with. We guarantee that you will have a blast at the shoot and you will be stoked with the result. We also make sure to submit all videos and photos on time if your time limits are strict. You are more than welcome to specify all the information required for the shoot in our brief. The brief will allow us to understand your requirements and to be better prepared for the upcoming shoot. Our booking process is very fast, easy and transparent. It is designed to make sure that you spend less time booking and managing your photographer or videographer and dedicate more time for your recipes. It is also very easy to manage and edit your booking at any time and also trace the process of post-production. We are proud to say that we always deliver our projects on time, because we know how important it is to meet deadlines, especially when you’re dealing with food photography. We are looking forward to our next project that we will be working on together with you!