Hire a Photographer or Buy a Camera?

Hire a Photographer or Buy a Camera?

Hire a Photographer or Buy a Camera?

If you’re anything like me, photography is not your strong suit. And while it’s simple enough to take a decent selfie thanks to the high-resolution cameras on our smartphones and advanced filter technology, event photography is a whole other matter. If you’re thinking of playing photographer or videographer for your party in Sydney or Cronulla, there are multiple factors to consider.

Lighting for starters. Depending on the setting and time of day, you may need to use natural or artificial lighting or a combination of both. Getting the balance right is crucial to achieving the optimal texture, tone, and colour vibrancy. The correct lighting can make all the difference between a breathtaking photo and a grainy, blurred one.

Professional photographers for events understand the relationship between their camera settings and the available light. However, this is not a skill that you can learn overnight. It takes education and, most importantly, loads of experience. An expert event photographer understands how light impacts an image and how to adjust the lighting to achieve the desired result.

Beyond the science is the art of the composition, which also demands a measure of training and a fair dose of talent. A party photographer is expected to capture the mood of an event as well as ensuring they get pictures of the VIPs and other guests, as per the client brief.

Then comes the digital development and editing phase, which again takes dedication and an eye for detail, not to mention top-end software. Remember, when you hire a professional event photographer, you’re not only getting the benefit of their expertise and creativity but their time too.

Now you can opt to go the DIY route and splash your cash on the most expensive SLR camera on the market, but that’s the easy part. Without the know-how and experience to back you up, there’s no guarantee that your images will be any good. And there’s no chance of a “do-over” if you do mess up.

Or you can choose to invest in a professional event photographer and rest easy knowing that the job will be done right the first time, no fuss, no stress, no worries, meaning you can focus on looking after your patrons and enjoy your party.

SORTED Media specialises in providing hand-picked professional event videographers and photographers for functions, launch parties, corporate gigs, and conferences throughout Sydney and Cronulla and at highly affordable rates.

There’s no shoot too big or small for us, so call us today to make your booking.