Inspiring Portfolio Spots for Photographers in Sydney


Inspiring Portfolio Spots for Photographers in Sydney

This city offers endless blue skies, reflections on the waters of Sydney Harbour, beautiful architecture, and beaches galore. Any photographer in Sydney can use these elements to get the perfect shot.

Several stunning spots in Sydney make for great photo opportunities. There are others that are relatively unknown and almost empty of tourists during the day, and others that are popular and crowded.

Taking pictures of these places is guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

For the photographer in Sydney who want to capture the beauty of this beautiful and one of the favourite tourist destinations in the lens, here are some suggestions for scenic locations where you can take charmingly attractive photos.

Photography spots for photographers in Sydney:

Sydney Opera House

In terms of the best location for a photographer in Sydney, the Opera House usually tops the charts.

It’s easy to see why this architectural gem appears in so many photos of Sydney.

Up close and from a distance, the curves of the sails of the building reflect the shapes of the boats weaving through the harbour.

For some close-up pictures, it’s best to arrive on the front steps of the Opera House at sunrise, as this is one of Sydney’s most popular tourist attractions.

A variety of angles can be captured to capture the tile work on the sails and the towering windows. Take a walk along the waterfront towards Circular Quay to see the Opera House from a wider angle. The curve of the boardwalk extends towards the Opera House from this position.

Bondi Beach

Sydney’s Bondi Beach is one of the best photo spots and the city’s most famous beach. In addition to tourists and locals alike, Bondi is a popular surfing and swimming destination. Bondi is at its best at dawn when surfers are heading out and the sun hasn’t quite risen.

To get a taste of salty water direct from the ocean, head to Bondi Icebergs, an open-air swimming pool on the south end of the beach.

Taking an elevated shot with the ocean and sunrise behind the pools is possible via a walkway above the pools. The view of the sweeping coastline is provided by a little further up the walkway.

During sunny summer days, you might catch the surf-lifesaving crew wearing their iconic yellow and red uniforms on the concrete boardwalk lined with colourful murals.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Sydney’s subtropical climate makes its parks lush and green. The Royal Botanic Gardens are a great place to see the local flora, and they offer some nice perspectives for photographing the harbour.

One of our favourite spots is Mrs Macquarie’s Point. There is a gorgeous view of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge from this little peninsula.

Visiting Mrs Macquarie’s Point at sunset is the best time to see a spectacular sunset. You may have the chance to see some spectacular colours on the horizon if it’s a clear day.

It can be amazing to capture long exposure photos at this spot during blue hour if you are equipped with a telephoto lens and travel tripod.

Observatory Hill

Despite being located right next to the Overseas Passenger Cruise Terminal, this small hill is little known to tourists.

It’s called Observatory Hill because the hill was once home to a weather station and telescope, which are currently not in use.

The observatory is surrounded by a park with a pretty gazebo and a grassy slope that overlooks the Harbour Bridge and Sydney’s north shore, making it a great spot for photographers.

Even though it can be photographed at any time, the sunset is particularly pretty here.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge is a must-see when you visit Sydney. You can take photos of this iconic attraction from many angles and at any time of day. From the southern foot of the bridge, you can enjoy a majestic view of the Hickson Road Reserve.

Another good photo location is the Pylon Lookout, where you can observe the cars, trains, and buses making their way across the bridge from an elevated vantage point. The views are also nice towards Circular Quay and Sydney.

The Rocks

There is no better place for a passionate photographer in Sydney than The Rocks, one of Sydney’s most historic districts. You can enjoy a great view of the Sydney Opera House from the boardwalk that lines the quay in front of the Park Hyatt Hotel. This location is often used by wedding photographers due to its incredible views.

Known for its historic brick and sandstone architecture, The Rocks has a rich architectural history. Visit one of Sydney’s oldest pubs located around here if you are looking for beautiful photographs of old buildings. Some of the country’s original drinking establishments have historic facades, including the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, Fortune of War Hotel, and Australian Heritage Hotel.

Hope this helps you shortlist the next location for photography in Sydney. Would you like to add any recommendations to the list? Comment below if you have any!