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We are always on the lookout for talented photographers and videographers

SORTED is a Sydney based photography and videography company which specialises in many areas of the field. We are highly skillful and are ready to share our knowledge with the right candidate. We want you to be a part of our team and our prime goal is to make sure that you are learning new skills and having fun and getting paid doing so.

We are extremelly busy and we are more than happy to share some of our workload with you. We will take care of all he scheduling and marketing for you, so what we want in return is for you to complete your shifts, upload edited photos or videos and get paid.

We are growing bigger every day and expanding our field of expertise. Please see our criteria below and fill out the form if you want to become a part of our team.

Our Ideal Candidate:

– Person who has experience or someone who wants to become a professional
photographer or videographer
– Owns professional equipment
– Has examples of previous work
– Able to learn
– Knows Adobe Lightroom and or Premiere Pro and or After Effects
– Is very friendly and approachable