Make your real estate video marketing pop with these real estate videography tips

Real Estate Video Marketing

Make your real estate video marketing pop with these real estate videography tips

Don’t miss out on video marketing for real estate services if you haven’t yet.

Real estate videography can be your winning wager in the long run!

Research from the National Association of Realtors (USA) indicates that embedded videos generate 157% more organic search traffic and 403% more inquiries for listings with videos.

So we’re going to walk you through the best real estate video marketing ideas you can leverage in 2023 to help you promote your business and help your clients find their dream homes.

Read these tips to create better videos and a better video marketing strategy. For maximum results, you can make great real estate marketing videos and place them at the right time.

9 Tips to get the best ROI with Real estate videography

Consistency is key

You can’t predict when a potential client will be ready to buy or sell their house, so you must be available every day. When people are ready for a real estate agent, they need to see you. You will then be first on people’s minds when it’s time to buy or sell a house.

The production tools and software you use for real estate videos should assist you with this. Video production can be a challenging process, making it difficult to publish videos consistently.

Be different by focusing on your strengths

No matter how much money you spend on your videos, they won’t stand out if they look like every other real estate video.

Make the most of your personality. Connecting with real people is important to people. Make your videos unique, highlight your passions, and people will connect with you.

Humour is a great way to express yourself. It’s okay to be a real estate nerd if you’re a real estate nerd!

You are different because you show yourself.

Avoid selling all the time

People hate being sold to, there’s an old rule in sales. It’s a rule because it’s true.

You can avoid this by not selling in every video.

Be sure to let people know how they can contact you when you have time. You should, however, make most of your videos helpful and entertaining, even if people aren’t ready to buy.

People will want to buy from you if you are reliable and fun (and they won’t feel like you are trying to sell them)

Don’t forget to include a call to action

Although we said not to sell all the time, you still need to provide a way for people to become clients if they like your products. Don’t forget to tell people how to move forward in the buying process.

Put your emotions first

In order to justify their decisions, people use hard facts to justify their emotional buying decisions.

Inspiring emotions first and supporting them with facts is the best way to deliver hard facts.

Employ the emotions a client might feel after purchasing their first home: pride, excitement, accomplishment, etc.

If you think about the emotions that selling a house would bring: relief, hope, anticipation, etc.

When you close a deal, use your hard facts to justify why someone would feel those emotions.

Decide what you want

What’s the main goal behind opting for real estate videography?

Prepare your video content in advance. This will enable you to decide what to include in your videos in advance. You won’t get “video maker’s block” (or “writer’s block”) when it comes to making the video.

Planning your videos also allows you to promote them before they are posted, which is especially useful for house tour videos. Your house tour can then be promoted before it is posted by building an audience.

Therefore, keep your posting schedule flexible. In this way, spontaneous ideas can be seized whenever they occur.

Make sure your videos are optimized for search engines

The visibility of videos on search engines is great. In order to appear on the first page, you must still do some video SEO. Include a relevant keyword in the title of your video and include some keywords in the description.

Search engine results will be more likely to display your thumbnail if it is eye-catching. Last but not least, encourage people to share your videos (a great call to action, by the way). Whenever people search for real estate information, these factors help them find your videos organically.

Make your real estate video more engaging by adding captions

In the first place, captions are necessary for viewers with hearing impairments. Due to people turning their phones on silent, most phones are sound-impaired. Even when your videos are played without sound, captions help viewers understand what’s going on.

Furthermore, captions help video platforms such as YouTube understand what you are saying, which improves the SEO of your video.

Always choose Professional Videography Agency in Australia for real estate videography

And that’s the main part! Hiring a professional videographer would do the trick for you!

An expert knows what’s best for you, and a team of professionals knows what would work for you.

That’s when choosing a photography agency like Sorted Media makes all the difference.

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