Set your online business on a growth trajectory with pro-quality Product Photography

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Set your online business on a growth trajectory with pro-quality Product Photography

A website’s images are its lifeblood. It is not enough for people to browse through a website; they want to experience it.

The majority of people do not buy anything without seeing it first. In addition, they want to touch, feel, and even drive it.

Here is where product images can shine- by making your products come alive with excellent product photography and graphics.

You can make or break your business image in the eCommerce industry based on the presentation of your products.

According to studies, 65% of marketing executives agree that visual assets are essential to a brand story, making your business appear trustworthy and more personable. You can boost your site conversions and create a bond with your target audience by using the right images and choosing a professional photographer in Sydney to capture quality product images.

There is a lot of visual information involved in online shopping.

As the saying goes, the first impression is the best impression. According to studies, 90% of brain information is visual.

During the first 50 milliseconds of a conversation, people form an impression of the other person. Because no one can speed-read a product description within 50 milliseconds, all you have are product images. Your product pictures must convince your potential customer that your product is worth purchasing. Presentation of your products in a way that resonates with your potential customers requires high-quality, compelling images.

According to one report, placing these images above the fold on your homepage helps your visitors see exactly what you have to offer without scrolling down or clicking anything.

In the average online store, a report suggested, consumers strongly value a product image’s quality level over the product’s specific details, description, and customer reviews.

Due to the fact that your online customers cannot physically touch the product that you sell on your website, your high-quality images must be engaging enough to capture their attention. To accomplish that, you can follow these tips.

Winning Ways to set your eCommerce business for success with Product Photography

Put your best image on the homepage

A great way to make your product-specific web store stand out would be to feature your best product photo on the homepage as well as place quality images of your product on the actual homepage. For this, a product template-based theme could be useful, as it will help make your product-specific web store stand out.

Having a featured image from your homepage that appears in search results can encourage 60 percent of prospective customers to contact your business. Even though it might seem insignificant, you need to consider how many sales you could be losing if you don’t take this step.

Authenticity must not be compromised

The authenticity of your photos should never be compromised.

For example, customers do not want to see an overly saturated image of a product set that clearly has been doctored with Photoshop. In order to decide whether to make the purchase, they want to know what they will get.

Even though you can enhance your images a little in order to capture your target audience’s attention, there are limits that should never be crossed. In addition to losing a single sale, distorted images of your products will cause your customers to lose trust in your brand.

Put the customer first, not your product

You can increase conversion rates by mastering the art of choosing product images. You need to focus on your prospects’ interests.

You don’t need to worry about your product or company to them. Highlighting your product’s capabilities is what should make it stand out.

Make sure your visitors know they’re on the right track. Provide them with a comfortable environment. Demonstrate how your product works firsthand. If you do this, you will open the floodgates for people to like you and buy from you. Engage your audience with storytelling.

Let your product images communicate with them. Make them feel something. Buying is an emotional process. With product photography, you can show them the whole spectrum of it.

The Bottom Line

Your online catalogue’s product images are the only visual reference that your customers have when it comes to your online catalogue.

Make sure these images are prominently displayed on your homepage and are featured images on search engines.

Nevertheless, don’t risk losing the trust and confidence of your customers by overediting your photos.

Would you like to win your customers with product photography? Get in touch with a professional product photographer in Sydney!