Sorted Media: Making Real Estate Videography Successful

Real Estate Videography Campaign

Sorted Media: Making Real Estate Videography Successful

Among the most cherished sectors in the economy, real estate has a revenue of $156.2bn

In a world dominated by visual information, the real estate industry must scale up its video marketing efforts.

Currently, video marketing is king, and its dominance remains strong. In the real estate sector, video content is dominating marketing campaigns for both end-users and businesses.
When you work in the real estate sector, your job is to sell and persuade people to buy, and visual marketing is the best way to do this!

In spite of the fact that real estate videography in Sydney is a powerful marketing tool for real estate agents, it is still underutilized.

Based on a NAR Research Group survey, about 37% of respondents use video in their marketing strategies, and 27% don’t. In addition, 35% of respondents say they hope to use it in the future, even though they are not using it currently.

You should now begin investing in premium quality content for every property you list if you have been putting off video marketing. It is still possible to be an early endorser in the video marketing space and overtake competitors who have not adopted it yet.

Real estate marketers should join the video bandwagon if they haven’t already.

Nevertheless, the best way to guarantee the success of your real estate videography efforts is to work with a professional real estate videographer and photographer.

Prospective of a Professional Real Estate Photographer in Sydney

For today’s professional real estate videographers to remain viable, they must always strive to add more services and expand their reach. For most professional photographers in Sydney, the days of portrait studios and walk-in customers are long gone due to smartphones and the internet.

For a real estate videography project to succeed financially, real estate videographers and photographers must be nimble and versatile. In response, many talented photographers in Sydney are now shooting a wide range of topics rather than specializing in one niche, such as weddings, events, youth sports, portfolios, portraits, and product photography.

Many photographers are also learning to combine their photography skills with other forms of multimedia such as film, video, audio, production, and editing. Additionally, the end-use goals of photography have become increasingly diverse, from traditional portraits to virtual-reality platforms and everything in between.

It can be a bit overwhelming, to be honest. A photographer has a hard time finding the right audiences, while the customer has a hard time finding the right people to work with!

Choosing the best agency for real estate photography in Sydney can be a bit tricky. Unless you know how to do it right!

Sorted Media has extended its services to some very prestigious real estate agents and companies in Sydney, thus we know what it takes to deliver the best.

What Makes Us Your ‘Best’ Choice!

We work with the best team of professional photographers.

We hire people with a keen eye for composition and meticulous attention to detail. Also, they are committed to the craft they are practising. A professional photographer needs professional equipment and learned expertise. That’s what we focus on!

Our real estate videographers capture exactly what your customers are looking for!

We know how to shoot and present it in a way that aids your marketing efforts!

In terms of real estate videography, Sorted Media takes on the job and shoots the house correctly.

Parting thoughts: Invest in good real estate videography to stand out and sell more

You can use real estate videography to stand out among your competitors, connect with good clients, and sell more homes.

Consequently, video marketing for real estate has become more popular than ever, and the industry as a whole is not showing any signs of deterioration. If you are a real estate agent, marketer, or seller and want to establish a strong connection with potential buyers, here is a tip for you- it’s time to develop your brand’s real estate video marketing strategy.

Real estate videography is a necessity rather than a choice nowadays, as many users rely heavily on videos. With its high versatility, there are many options to make videos that fit your brand and personality.

Nevertheless, don’t just settle for any photography agency!

If you want to get a positive ROI, you must place high bets on the best agency for real estate videography in Sydney.

Would you like to discuss your next real estate videography project? Come on, let’s talk! Our team would be happy to assist you.