Real Estate Videography: How Video Content Helps to Close More Deals!

Real Estate Videography

Real Estate Videography: How Video Content Helps to Close More Deals!

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, and that’s no different when it’s your house!

It goes without saying, quality real estate videography and photography are essential parts of selling a home!

We’re not alone; 600 Australian real estate agents believe the same thing!

99% of the 600 Australian real estate agents surveyed by a real estate photography company in Sydney said that good photography is the key to promoting properties.

In addition, they said that great photography:

  • Attract 89% more buyers
  • Increase clicks to their online listings by 68%
  • Help them secure a higher selling price

Now, imagine if a still picture can get you this much return, what could a video achieve?

This sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

You may want to consider incorporating real estate videography into your marketing efforts if you’re running a real estate company. There is no comparison between videos and pages of text. Videos are more attractive and realistic!

Does video help sell real estate?

Eighty-eight percent of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts[ii]

As per market reports

  • An agent who uses video is preferred by 85 per cent of buyers and sellers
  • Emails with video double click-through rates and reduce opt-outs by 75 per cent
  • Marketers who use video receive 54% more brand awareness and 66% more relevant leads every year.

If we go by these statistics, yes, real estate videography looks like a promising option for realtors aiming to make more sales.

However, the question is, how can real estate videography make it happen? Find the answer in the next segment:

How Does Real Estate Videography Help You Sell Better?

Provide More, Get More!

You can use videos to showcase your real estate brand and business more effectively.

Reports indicate that 36% of home buyers rely on videos for their house search information.

Considering this, opting for real estate videography makes all the sense!

You can easily show the entire layout of the room, the size of the room, as well as the location of the room to your potential clients.

Or, in certain circumstances. sample – when you have displayed your real estate video on the website, prospective buyers can get all the information they need.

It all works together to give the customer a true sense of the property and give you credibility at the same time. After all, videos never lie!

Creative Sells More!

There are many ways to utilize videos for marketing your real estate listings, from 360* tours to drone shots, get as creative as you can get!

Real estate professionals are incorporating aerial footage and drones to create a more engaging buying and selling experience. Also, you can showcase your listings with outdoor shots of the neighbourhoods and nearby amenities.

No matter what type of property you are featuring, a video will let buyers experience the listing from the comfort of their own homes and make an informed decision.

Get Social, Be Found!

In a highly competitive market, videos can be a great way to increase your online visibility when selling real estate properties. Considering how many competitors there are on the market, you may be able to attract some clients’ attention by using videos and gain a competitive edge!

Sell For A Higher Price

Real estate videography helps you gain a competitive edge in your marketing efforts.

You can, for instance, use videos to highlight the features of your properties that distinguish them from the competition.

With this approach, you can present the elements more effectively than with photos or text.

By doing so, you can increase the value of your real estate. In the long run, this will result in more profits for your real estate business.

What Type of Video Content Can a Real Estate Agent Use?

Till now, much ink has been spilt on the benefits of real estate videography, and before you get inspired and search for the ‘best real estate videographer near me’, hold your horse!

First, you need to know what type of video content is available to you! The next step is to hire a real estate videographer in Sydney or nearby areas to let video content do the magic!

So, what type of video content can real estate agents use? Here’s your answer:

Listing video

The video is explicitly designed for accompanying a specific property listing.

What it includes: An overview of the property, a guided tour of the rooms, additional details like an address, contact details of the agent, and the size of the property.

Agency introduction video

The video provides an overview of your real estate agency. You can use it to establish and promote your brand.

Expert videos

In such videos, a realtor showcases their expertise and highlights all the aspects that will make them an expert in their field.

Guided tour video

When it comes to getting more exclusive listings, a guided tour video can assist you in attracting some buyers as well as potential sellers.

Ready to Sell More and Gain a Competitive Edge with Real Estate Videography?

Now you are ready to join the league of realtors who are getting good ROI with real estate videography. If you plan to jump on the bandwagon, make sure you join hands with the best real estate videography service providers.

After all, to be the best you must work with the best!