What are The Top Trends in Real Estate Videography?

Real Estate Videography

What are The Top Trends in Real Estate Videography?

Real estate is constantly evolving, and real estate videography in Sydney has become a crucial aspect of promoting and selling properties. Watch out for these top video trends in 2023 in real estate.

Virtual tours

Although virtual tours cannot replace the experience of touring a property in person, many real estate firms and agents are taking advantage of them. In these professional videos, the focal points of a house are highlighted and the house’s best features are presented.

Virtual tours make it easier for potential buyers to choose houses to visit based on virtual tours, saving them the time and hassle of visiting each house in person.

Community overviews

Modern buyers are looking for more than just a home in today’s market. Their desire is to belong to a community and feel connected to it. Videos showcasing local hot spots and amenities can help attract this demographic and give them a better sense of what living there is like.

You might want to include these spots in your community real estate videography :

  1. Feature local amenities such as parks, recreation centres, shopping centres, and restaurants.
  2. Include local schools in the video if the community is in a good school district.
  3. If the community has convenient access to public transportation, include shots of buses, trains, or other forms of transportation.
  4. Be sure to include shots of local landmarks or points of interest, such as historical buildings, museums, or scenic viewpoints.
  5. Give viewers an understanding of the culture and spirit of the community by showing footage of community events, such as festivals, parades, or farmers’ markets.


It is likely that a person will make the largest investment of their life when they or purchase a house. Thus, many real estate firms and agents invest in professionally shot testimonial videos to show clients the satisfaction they provide and win their trust.

Testimonials are effective because they serve the same purpose as ‘word of mouth’ in marketing. You can use these testimonial videos to establish your credibility with potential buyers, so they feel that the company cares about building relationships with its customers.

Market analysis

The purpose of this type of video is to highlight the strength of the local housing market and explain the various factors that affect housing costs. In general, it is an indicator of the local economy, based heavily on hard data and statistics.

You might wonder how this would be useful for real estate videography. Simply put, it allows you to demonstrate your expertise in the real estate market.

Online commercials

The popularity of online video shows no signs of slowing down.

Video commercials are increasingly used by real estate agencies to promote themselves online. The videos show the real estate company’s services and benefits of working with the specific agency and provide information about available services. This serves more like a branding video for your company.

Video-sharing sites such as YouTube are used nearly 3 billion hours every month, so it’s no wonder so many real estate companies are turning to this form of marketing. Businesses that position themselves for success must consider leveraging these trends for their next real estate videography in Sydney.

What Real Estate Videography Can Do for You

The Properties Trends Report finds that 73% of homeowners prefer to list with a realtor who makes a listing video. People prefer video across all industries and it’s quickly becoming the preferred way to consume content.

Researchers have also found that visual information is processed 60,000X faster than text in the brain, and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

You are 50x more likely to achieve a page 1 ranking on Google if you use video on your website since search engines like Google strive to deliver human-friendly content. Based on these reasons, video is widely considered the “king of content” and is used by over 87% of online marketers.

It has been proven that video is specifically effective for real estate because it attracts more viewers and converts better.

Some more statistics to show the magic of real estate videography

  • It’s reported that 96% of people who receive an introductory email with a video click it through more often. 90% of users of one popular service report that video allows them to keep in touch with clients more effectively.
  • There is a 403% increase in inquiries when there is a video on a real estate listing compared to a listing without a video on a real estate listing site.
  • Videos are so effective at engaging consumers that all the major real estate websites have adapted their web portals to accommodate them.

With real estate being such a visually driven commodity, real estate videography services in Sydney are highly beneficial to realtors and agencies alike. You can ensure your marketing videos are up to par by varying your efforts and hiring a professional production company. We can help you with your real estate videography needs! Contact us today!